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CLEANSER IPA PLUS REFILL is a product without a nozzle, brush and capilary tube. It is a refill for art.108 and art.109 in aerosol which is CLEANSER IPA PLUS 150 and 400ml that are originally equipped with a short nozzle, brush and capilary tube. You need to take a nozzle off art.108 or art.109, place it onto art.092 and the product is ready for use. Cleanser IPA PLUS contains isopropyl alcohol of the highest purity. It is the most universal and most often used cleaning agent. Chemically neutral to most materials, does not leave any residue, evaporates quickly. For cleaning: gsm phones optical devices laser scanners magnetic heads disk drivers printed circuit boards (PCB) audio-video drivers precision mechanic devices rubber rollers lubricant removal water-proof ink removal thermal conductive paste removal

Cleanser INK Medium 500ml
Professional preparate in liquid for cartridges and printheads of inkjet printers of all types. It is recommended for internal cleaning slightly dried ink on printer's elements. Its unique composition solves dried-out ink and increases cartrigdes life span reducing printing cost. IT CAN BE USED ONLY BY PROFESSIONALISTS!  It can be used in ultrasonic cleaners! DOES NOT NEED HEATING!

Compressed Air Non-Flammable 400ml
This compressed under high pressure, liquified and non-flammable gas allows you to remove dust from hard to reach spots. It is chemically neutral to most materials. Use in: - electronics - photography - optical devices - laser scanners - motorization - precision mechanic devices

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