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Professional solution for cleansing circuit boards, including but not limited to soldering residue. A special brush enables precise access to the cleaned surface. This preparate does not react to materials used in electronics. Removes all types of flux. Dries quickly leaving no residue. Does not damage circuit boards or their protective layer. Cleans circuit boards after repair Ensures high insulation resistance. USE in cleansing circuits of: precise electronic systems mobile phones remote controlers voice recorders LED, LCD. PLAZMA TVs computers precise printed circuits computer screens laptops tablets

Cleaner NOWA GUMA is a highly-condensed cleaning agent for regenerating and caring for all types of rubber products with instant results. It regenerates and improves rubber, increasing its life span. It is recommended for rubber cylinders in: printers xerox photocopiers sorters envelope stuffing machines scanners cash registers treadmills industrial equipment using movable rubber elements This preparate does not regenerate split or decomposed rubber. Does not contain acetone.

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