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Freeze 65 Non-flammable 150ml
This cooling agent is non-flammable, chemically pure and non-toxic. It is used for thermal fault location. Provides an instant solution by cooling circuitry down to -65°C. It best locates dry joints and damaged electronic components like integrated circuits, diodes, etc. It is helpful in fitting bearings and bushings as well as in dismantling clenched metal parts. USE for testing: electronic parts and subassemblies thermostats in refrigeration equipment thermocontrol systems electronic elements of carburetors ignition systems

Label Remover 150ml
Preparate in spray for label, sticker and glue residue removal. It contains citrus oil extracts and solvents. It neutralizes glue that enables quick and complete sticker removal. Does not contain acetone or other agressive solvents. USE: removes glue residue after vignettes from car panes removes marker ink ideal for label removal from electronic elements removes labels from electronic office equipment like fax, xerox photocopier, printer, computer ideal for glass surfaces like shelves and display cases removes labels from rollers and rubber

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